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Saskatchewan born and raised, Laurel understands how important community is. Growing up she was involved in the classic car community, as her dad was a car enthusiast and would rebuild classic Chevrolet’s. Some of her fondest memories were attending car shows with her dad across Saskatchewan.

Laurel’s love for media was fueled from a young age. Laurel’s mother worked at a local radio station, and her father at a local TV station. Growing up she was immersed in the creative fields.

Laurel moved to Vancouver in Jan 2020 to gain a different perspective in the field of web design & development. This was life (& career) changing. One highlight was connecting with the owner of Clear & Loud,  a creative agency led by Josh Harris. Josh brought Laurel in as one of the team’s web developers and through this experience she was able to grow her skillset in monumental ways.

Laurel also teamed up with Ami DeMelo. Ami is a brand designer who specializes in creating visual identities for custom brands. Laurel and Ami forged a partnership and work hand in hand creating (and re-creating) businesses visual and online identities.

Laurel moved back to Regina in Dec 2022 with the goal of supporting local Saskatchewan businesses and helping them build strong online presence.

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I've worked with so many different businesses. From authors to innovators and everything in between.

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“The other day, my oldest son asked me, Why do you love your work? I told him how meaningful it is, how seeing businesses thrive and how I got to play a part in that is so rewarding. But I also told him how much it challenges me and how it allows me to grow every day. I get to build something that is beautiful and functional. I take a design and make it come alive online. It’s so fulfilling.”

Laurel & her dad at a Car show in 1995 in Watrous, Sk
with their ’57 Bel Air. 

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