One year.

It’s been a year since LB Media officially became a business, and what a year it’s been.  And I want to share my story on how I grew this business to what it is today, and the hurdles I had to overcome.

Let’s start at the beginning.  I began creating websites for an old business of mine in November 2017.  I enjoyed it, I was always updating it, and it was a way to express my creativity.  Throughout the beginning of 2018, I had a few friends ask me to help out with their online presence because I had a knack for it.

I enjoyed the process, and was curious and eager to learn more.

Beginning of August 2018 I officially became a registered business and began to earn my income from LB Media. It skyrocketed and I began to work more than I could ever have imagined (in a good way).

Something stood out to me right from the beginning, with no formal training I knew I had to go above and beyond to learn about website design.  I spent hours upon hours taking online courses, watching youtube videos, and learning all things about UX and UI design.

With each website that I built, my skills increased. With each project, I learned more and more about design philosophy, online marketing, SEO, and coding.

Speaking of coding, that was one of my hurdles along the way – learning how to code was challenging at first, but extremely rewarding, and as soon as I got the hang of it, it expanded my design capacity by 1000%.

I’m currently a member of the Interaction Design Foundation where I take courses regularly in UX design, interaction design, design philosophy, responsive design, emotional and human design, and more! I am being mentored and trained my UX design experts from all over the world.

– Laurel, LB Media

There were challenges along the way, a lot of trial & error, and researching & figuring, but I had to recognize that I was only human and that this was what comes with learning. I was dedicated to this business, but more importantly to those businesses that I was serving.

One transformation that has brought me to where I am today is through my education and training. I knew that websites had to be designed strategically and that they were so much more than a pretty screen, but through this process, I learned WHY.  Why a button is placed where it is, why text is placed where it is, why the pages flow in a particular manner – I now have the rationale and expertise to back up the techniques.

During this last year, I have never not had clients. I’ve worked on hundreds of projects. And I am so grateful for every experience.

People often ask me how I made this happen, I worked hard. My perseverance and grit to learn and design is what made this the way it is.  Long hours, and working weekends, was a choice I made to get this business off the ground. Through practice comes expertise, and this has really been a driving force in my business.

I took 5 days off when I had my third baby last November, and I took 5 days off when I moved my family to Vancouver.  Other than that, no holidays and I often worked weekends.  I am not saying this is what is needed to make a business grow, but it was my choice and it paid off.  Now I am able to restructure how and when I work in order to enjoy the life I have created.

Now, DRUM ROLL please….

LB Media is expanding, and collaborating with other creatives and experts to bring you a full online experience, with design, creative, and marketing services for your business online.  From websites, online course creation, social media marketing, lead generation, and graphic design – we are your one-stop-shop for everything your business needs online.

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