I took a risk. And it paid off.

As many of you know, I moved my little family of five from our home province of Saskatchewan out to the Vancouver area January 2020.

I might have looked like I had it together during this transition, but it was by far the most terrifying thing I’ve done.  I wasn’t “ready”. My anxiety was at an all-time high.  I had just had my third baby 3 months ago. I had no savings.

I worked right up to the last day we moved (picture me sitting on the floor with my computer while the rest of my items were in boxes all around me).

We sold everything, and I mean almost EVERYTHING before we moved.

There was no family where we were going. 

Just us. Myself, husband, and our three kids.

The night before we left, I had a migraine so bad that I couldn’t even help my husband clean the house or load up the stuff we were taking. I laid in the dark, throwing up – sick but mostly scared.

Of course, if the move didn’t work out, we could always come back to our family in Saskatchewan. But I didn’t want this to fail. I wanted to prove to everyone that I could follow my dreams.

We said goodbye early in the morning and began the drive.  I was still feeling anxious.

But then once we got past Calgary into the mountains, everything changed.

By the time we got to Canmore, I began bawling. The mountains were so majestic, they consumed me. I already felt home.

We had fun in Banff, we stayed at the Rimrock Resort – went to the hot springs (yes, even my 3 month old was in the hot springs with us), I began to feel, free.

From Banff, we stopped in Kelowna – From Kelowna, we drove (at night, in January) to Vancouver.

The Coquihalla Pass at night was terrifying. It was so snowy & foggy we couldn’t see a single thing in front of us, behind us, beside us on the highway.  It felt like a really steep ascent to the summit but there was no sense of where we were since we couldn’t see anything. Every so often a giant semi would head towards us which would light up the snow/fog in front of us – a thick white sheet.

I told you I have anxiety right? Well at this point in the trip, I literally felt like I was going to drive off the side of the mountain and that would be it – game over.  We had no cell service. The drive through the Coquihalla felt like an eternity.

And then it passed. We made it through. I felt like that was a test of my mental strength and for real, I barely made it.

I looked up, and I could see the lights of Hope. Literally, the town of Hope.

From Hope, to Chilliwack, to Abbotsford, through Langley, Surrey & Burnaby – we finally arrived at our hotel room in North Vancouver on a very late night in January.

I’ll cut to the chase. My husband dragged me here, kicking and streaming – scared shitless.

But once we got here.

My life change forever.

Ocean air.

Mountain peaks.

It FEELS so different living here compared to Saskatchewan.

It is an endless expanse of opportunity.

I am truly living the life of my dreams.

But none of this would have happened if I didn’t take a risk. If I didn’t lean into fear. If I didn’t try.

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