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Alright, here we go! Are you excited?! I am! 

I am assuming if you are here you want to know how to make your website the best it can be, and want to know how to generate traffic and sales/leads.  I am also going to assume you have a website (or will get one soon) and if you don’t, well… You know who to talk to 😉 

I’ve decided we better start off with a BANG and dive right into SEO (aka how to get organic traffic to your site). I am not going to talk about technical SEO because again, I’m assuming if you have a website – it is already done. INSTEAD, we are going to dive right into learning about SEO Content Strategy. When it comes to content on our website – we must make sure it is clear, consistent, and valuable. We must also make sure the content establishes our EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

WE DO NOT WANT: random blogs, topics, and keywords, hoping they’ll stick – without any strategy. So let’s do it – today we are going to talk strategy planning (and each email will build upon this strategy)

E-A-T and SEO: How to Create Content That Google Wants: 
Today we are going to focus on Expertise:

Action steps:1. Find out what your audience is searching for, then meet and exceed their needs. This begins with research.
Start by creating an excel or google sheets document

A. write down questions that you have received as a business (your FAQ’s)
B. Go to and type in a keyword that is relevant to your business to find questions

2. Try to understand the searcher’s intent behind the questions you discover during the search. **See spreadsheet image for examples**

(Searcher intent is also known as “user intent” is the motive a person has for carrying out a query through a search engine. Understanding and optimizing for your customers’ intent is critical for SEO.)

A. For each question identify possible reasons (intentions) for asking this question – record on the spreadsheet

B. For each intention – write down possible content ideas

Use this content in your blog posts/pages on your website

Follow these guidelines:
1) Answer one question per post (minimum 1250 words) be clear, concise, and source your references.

2) Link to different areas of your website (this creates an internal linking structure)

3) Include a call to action throughout your post

4) Launch your post on social media, google my business, Alignable, Pinterest, or any other platforms you are on

5) Watch your traffic/analyticsReady? Take action on establishing your EXPERTISE and demonstrate it on your website, Google will love you for it!

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