Let’s talk WIDGETS!

The widgets I am talking about today, are independent third-party applications that can be embedded onto your website.

Think of: 

  • Instagram reel
  • Google Reviews
  • TikTok feed
  • Chat bots
  • Podcast Reviews

And so many more.

We use widgets to increase conversions, demonstrate social proof, engage our visitors, and collect more leads.

Many of the websites you see use third-party widgets to add these features to their website.

Today, I am going to be sharing my absolutely favourite widget provider – Elfsight Apps.

What Widgets does Elfsight offer?
Elfsight has over 70 widgets that can be integrated into your site these include:

Social Proof widgets:
– Instagram feed
– Facebook feed
– Twitter feed
– Social share buttons
– Pinterest feed
– RRS feed
– Facebook comments
+ more

Review widgets:
– Google reviews
– Testimonial sliders
– Facebook reviews
– Amazon reviews
– Yelp reviews
– Etsy reviews
– BBB reviews
– Hotel & Air BNB reviews
+ more

Audio & Video widgets:
-YouTube Gallery
– Vimeo Gallery
– Audio player
– Podcast player
– Radio player

Chat widgets:
– WhatsApp chat
– Facebook chat
– Telegram chat
– Viber Chat
– Line chat
– Discord chat

Ecommerce widgets:
– Countdown timer
– Popups
– Pricing table
– Paypal button

Form widgets:
– Form builder
– Contact form
– Subscription form

Tool widgets such as:
– Age verification
– Cookie consent
– Google maps
– Event Calendar
– Number counter
– PDF embed
– Weather
– Visitor counter
– QR code scan

What Platforms can you use Elfsight on?
If you have a website, you can embed Elfsight.

-Wordpress (and Elementor)
-Big Commerce

How to Install Elfsight:
It is so easy to install Elfsight all you have to do is:
1) Register for Elfsight
2) Choose your widget
3) Personal the widget *they make it so easy*
4) Install the code – copy and paste it into your website
Note: depending on which widget you picked where you paste the code will change. It will almost always be in a custom HTML field.

How much does it cost?
My favourite plan they offer is called the Basic Pack:
It’s $15 a month
And it’s for ALL apps

They also have pricing based on a single app purchase:
$5 month
5,000 views per month

$10 month
Up to 50,000 views

Enterprise: (you will likely NEVER need this)
$25 month
Up to 5,000,000 views

Additional reasons why I love Elfsight:
– They are responsive 
– Customization is super easy and you don’t need to know how to code
– You can view your metrics to know how well your widget is preforming

As you can see, if the website platform you are using doesn’t come with these features – you can easily integrate Elfsight to make sure it has all the features it needs to have!

So give it a try here, and let me know in the comments how you are liking it!

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