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Ok, let me rephrase – I don’t think the VS. is appropriate.  They both have similarities yes, but they also have and serve different people.

This is what I found out after going down the Podia rabbit hole last night.

Kajabi is amazing and it’s price matches its features. Not only is it a membership and course platform, it also has templated PIPELINES. This is what really sets Kajabi apart.  You can automate your entire onboarding process and earn money while you sleep without ever having to touch another button on Kajabi. And it’s all ready to go – all you have to do is edit the templates.

This is because on Kajabi (if you record everything) you can set up your landing page, email sequence, recorded webinar, sales page and check out – which then the customer can directly access the content they bought. Boom done.

Kajabi also has a community area and a mobile app! *Podia does not*

Kajabi is the best if you use webinar marketing as one of your main marketing avenues.  It also has templates making the experience really easy for you. 

Podia on the other hand is great for people just starting out with courses and membership – and those who do not require webinar pipeline marketing

  1. Podia has most of the same features: courses, downloads, membership, and webinars too.
  2. Where Kajabi has templates to edit your content, you build it from scratch in Podia but don’t worry, it’s easy.
  3. Like Kajabi, Podia has: email marketing, blog option, coupons, affiliate marketing, drip content, payment plans, quizzes, pre-sales, upsells, bundles.

Both Podia and Kajabi can serve as your entire website – or you can easily link your sales pages to your existing website.

Kajabi starts at $129 a month
Podia starts at $39 a month

Conclusion – if you are going to have a few courses or a membership, and aren’t looking for heavy duty automation and templated workflows, Podia is a good fit.  If you want to automate everything or most (even your webinars) and not have to lift a finger in the near future (except for creating new automated processes) then Kajabi is your friend!

OR – if you are just starting and don’t have the budget for Kajabi, try Podia!

OR – if you want to invest right off the bat and you know that courses and memberships are the primary function of your business, invest in Kajabi!

This is an honest option with NO affiliations.  If you have any questions drop me an email at

Until next time,

Mrs Design (aka, Laurel – owner of LB Media)

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